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What is Menopause?

Menopause is an inherent phase of life, an integral component of the aging process, during which a woman's menstrual cycle concludes, marking her passage out of the reproductive years. Hormonal shifts during this time can lead to various symptoms such as hot flashes and fluctuations in mood. There is a common misconception that women need to suffer with awful menopausal symptoms for years and that their body will never be the same. This is not the case. Naturopathy seeks to restore balance using herbal remedies, dietary adjustments, and lifestyle changes. Emphasizing whole foods, exercise, and stress reduction techniques can alleviate discomfort. Naturopathic principles also encourage embracing menopause as a time for self-care, inner reflection, and renewed vitality, fostering a harmonious connection between the body, mind, and spirit.

What to Expect From Our Session

  • An in-depth investigation of your specific Menopausal or Perimenopausal symptoms

  • Comprehensive case-taking with possible testing referral to determine a complete diagnosis of your hormone phase and identify any deficiencies aggravating your symptoms


  • Individualised diet planning to uncover trigger foods to relieve pain, bloating and altered bowel habits


  •  A treatment approach that can integrate insights from Naturopathic and Chinese medicine. This approach aims to address the root cause of your menopausal struggles, providing symptom relief while also supporting you through an easier transition


  • Collaborative communication with your health care team


  • Professional follow-up and support


  • Ongoing educational support to give you better insight into your health & wellbeing

Our End Goals

  • No longer experiencing anxiety over worsening menopause symptoms

  • Cultivating a healthy relationship with your body and changing phases

  • No longer being held back by debilitating discomfort 

  • Feeling cared for and listened to by your practitioner 

  • Enjoying the freedom of symptom-free menopause 

  • Relieving the sensations of bloating and digestive upset

  • Enjoying glowing skin again 

  • Getting back to doing what you love

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Menopause Consultation

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