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What is Acne?

Acne is a multifaceted skin condition that extends beyond its physical manifestations. It involves an intricate interplay of biological, emotional, and environmental factors. The development of acne is often linked to digestive issues, liver burden, aggravating diet choices, excess stress, or hormonal imbalances, which can trigger excess sebum production, leading to clogged pores and inflammation. The skin is considered a reflection of the body's internal balance, highlighting the importance of addressing root causes rather than solely focusing on surface-level treatments.


What to Expect From Our Session

  • An in-depth investigation of your specific acne and symptom triggers

  • Comprehensive case-taking with possible testing referral to determine a complete diagnosis

  • Personalised diet planning and a treatment approach that integrates insights from Naturopathic and Chinese medicine. This approach is designed to target the underlying cause of your acne, offering relief from your symptoms while also promoting the healing of the condition itself

  • Collaborative communication with your health care team

  • Professional follow-up and support

  • Ongoing educational support to give you better insight into your health & wellbeing

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Our End Goals

  • Feeling confident in your own skin

  • Not needing to rely on makeup to cover your acne

  • Not fearing the breakouts leading up to your period

  • Enjoying a variety of foods again

  • Feeling more in-tunned with your body, understanding its unique needs to keep you feeling healthy and your skin glowing

  • No more wasted money on endless skin products and facials that do not offer long-lasting results

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Clear Skin Blueprint

Exclusive Offer!

Transform Your Skin with Our Clear Skin Blueprint!

This opportunity is for someone with ongoing or chronic acne, who has tried various skincare products, supplements, or treatments with no long-term results.


  1. Is tired of going in and out of consults without lasting transformations.

  2. Wants to ditch medications with nasty side effects.

  3. Is frustrated with spending a fortune on skincare and supplements with no real progress.

  4. Craves a personalised, clear-cut health and nutrition plan.

  5. Desires access to a skin expert whenever you need, guiding you to the clear skin you’re longing for access to skin therapist expert advice.

  6. Seeks a holistic health approach that complements existing skincare plans/teams

Start your clear skin journey today! Enquire below!


Acne Consultation

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