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What is Eczema?

Eczema, sometimes referred to as dermatitis, is an inflammatory skin condition that can cause dry, itchy, red and scaly skin. It can affect people of all ages but it is very common in children. The pathogenesis of this condition can be complex and is often involving multiple systems. Some main factors to consider includes exposure to allergens/irritants, stress, intestinal permeability, nutritional deficiencies, microbiome dysbiosis, high blood sugar, hormone fluctuations, poor digestion and dysregulated IgE immunity. Exposure to food intolerances and poor gut health are common contributing factors for the development of this skin condition.

What to Expect From Our Session

  • An in-depth investigation of your specific eczema triggers

  • Comprehensive case-taking with possible testing referral to determine a complete diagnosis

  • Individualised diet planning for your eczema presentation. Removing aggravating foods while we address the underlying cause to your eczema

  • Treatment plan that can incorporate Naturopathic and Chinese medicine insights to to not only help resolve your symptoms but heal the condition itself

  • Collaborative communication with your health care team

  • Supporting you through a gentle withdrawal of steroid use to reduce impact of an aggressive rebound flare

  • Professional follow-up and support

  • Ongoing educational support to give you better insight into your health & wellbeing

Our End Goals

  • Feeling confident in your own skin

  • No longer fear being kept up at night from relentless itching

  • No longer feel embarrassed by the eczema you can’t hide

  • Not having your skin impacted by weather and seasonal changes

  • Feeling excited to wear summer clothes again

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Eczema Consultation

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