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Stress, Anxiety & Sleep Support


What is Stress/Anxiety & Sleep Support?

A holistic viewpoint on stress, anxiety, and sleep encompasses the intricate interplay of these elements within the framework of overall well-being. Stress, a natural response to challenges, but can evolve into chronic anxiety if unmanaged. This mental state can disrupt equilibrium and affect sleep patterns. Sleep, a vital rejuvenating process, is integral to holistic wellness, impacting physical health such as immunity and digestive function, as well as cognitive function, and emotional resilience. The dynamic relationship between stress, anxiety, and sleep emphasises the need for comprehensive solutions. Holistic approaches encompass mindfulness practices, therapeutic interventions, and sleep hygiene techniques. Nutrition, exercise, herbal therapeutics, and lifestyle practices are also valued for their roles in managing these factors.

What to Expect From Our Session

  • An in-depth investigation of your specific symptoms. Investigating the drivers for stress, anxiety & sleep impairment and how that is impacting other areas of health

  • Comprehensive case-taking with possible testing referral to determine a complete diagnosis to the bigger picture of your mental health

  • Individualised diet planning to optimise hormone and specific neurotransmitter production to regulate stress

  • Treatment plan that can incorporate Naturopathic and Chinese medicine insights to address and alleviate stress

  • Collaborative communication with your health care team

  • Professional follow-up and support

  • Ongoing educational support to give you better insight into your health & wellbeing

Our End Goals

  • Increase your stress resilience to be able to confidently navigate daily stressors without compromising your health and mental wellbeing

  • Re-gain control over your emotional health

  • Increase not only the quantity but more importantly the quality of your sleep

  • Significantly increase energy levels, boosting overall vitality

  • Correcting cortisol and neurotransmitter imbalances contributing to stress overload

  • Reducing overall anxiety, switching off the “fight or flight” nervous system mode to reduce sensations of unease, fear and panic

  • Bringing back the enjoyment of activities without relentless overthinking and worrying resulting from an over-stimulated stress response


Stress, Anxiety & Sleep Consultation

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